JJC Partners with XPO Logistics through Apprenticeship

There is a very high-demand for CDL Drivers in the transportation industry. Many companies are looking for innovative ways, such as apprenticeship programs, to build a talent pipeline to fill their workforce needs. Joliet Junior College is the sponsor of a registered apprenticeship program through the United States Department of Labor and recently announced its partnership with XPO Logistics in Joliet, IL.

XPO Logistics has a CDL Driver as their industry-approved occupation and is providing opportunities for drivers to start as apprentices as an approach to develop and retain their workforce. There is a 94% retention rate of apprentices who retain employment at the end of their apprenticeship program, according www.apprenticeship.gov. This is an optimal way for companies to “grow their own” talent and invest in the training and development of their employees.

The partnership between JJC and XPO Logistics has already provided employment opportunities for two of the college’s CDL training program graduates – Jonathan Overton and Ernest Allen. A CDL apprenticeship program is considered a front-loaded occupation because a driver is required to have their CDL Class A license before they can drive. However, the apprentice continues to increase their skills and competencies as they work with a mentor during their on the job learning. XPO Logistics has local driving opportunities available with many of their facilities located throughout the Chicagoland area.

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For both Jonathan and Ernest, the pathway to becoming an apprentice started with CDL training at JJC through a grant provided by the Illinois Community College Board’s Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) program.

The emphasis of the WEI initiative is to provide workforce training in high-demand, high-growth occupations such as CDL drivers for individuals from underserved and underrepresented populations.

Amy Murphy, dean, applied arts, workforce education and training said, “This is a great example of aligning two grant programs to maximize the opportunities. Through the WEI initiative, training is provided at no cost to individuals to prepare them for occupations in high-growth, high-demand areas. In turn, employers are gaining access to a talent pool of applicants that will build their workforce.”

Murphy added, “We are grateful for the partnership with XPO Logistics and look forward to the opportunities for our students to develop their driving career.”

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JJC is the sponsor of a registered apprenticeship program through the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) with industry-approved occupations representing industry sectors in: advanced manufacturing, culinary arts/hospitality, horticulture/landscaping, transportation/logistics and healthcare.

JJC has a three-year apprenticeship grant through the American Association of Community Colleges/Expanding Community College Apprenticeships initiative. This cooperative agreement between the US DOL and AACC’s ECCA initiative provides JJC with an opportunity to assist the local workforce by growing the number of registered apprenticeships.

For more information about Joliet Junior College’s Registered Apprenticeship program, visit www.trainingupdate.org/apprenticeship or email apprenticeships@jjc.edu.

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Photos: Joliet Junior College partnered with XPO Logistics through an Apprenticeship program to build their talent pipeline of CDL Drivers. Two students who completed JJC’s CDL training program were also hired as apprentices. On signing day, XPO Logistics team members received a partnership plaque from JJC. Pictured are: Ofelia Carbajal, district manager, human resources; Ernest Allen, CDL driver/apprentice; Jamie Regan, senior manager, service center 1; Jonathan Overton, CDL driver/apprentice; Joseph Jones senior director – Chicago district and Linda Minjarez, generalist, human resources.

(1st Photo): Jonathan Overton and (2nd Photo): Ernest Allen completed JJC’s CDL training program and were hired by XPO Logistics as an apprentice. JJC and XPO Logistics are partnering through an apprenticeship program to build a talent pipeline of CDL drivers in the transportation industry.

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