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Introduction to Adobe Premiere® Pro CC (GRAF 1049)

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Adobe Premiere Pro is the film industry’s most-used software for video editing. Learn how to organize media, add video and audio, cut and trim clips, apply transitions, produce titles and add effects. These step-by-step lessons will provide practice in compositing footage, controlling clip speed and motion using key framing, animating graphics, exporting and more.

Fundamentals of Photoshop – Level One (GRAF 1006)

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Add excitement to your digital photographs with Photoshop. You will learn how to use curves and levels to adjust and correct color. You’ll have fun using filters to enhance the look and feel of your photographs and you will learn how to combine images to create stunning original pictures. Learn to repair and retouch images.

Intermediate Photoshop – Level Two (GRAF 1007)

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Get past the basics and learn about layer masks, clipping paths, filters and channels. You’ll also learn more advanced color correction techniques. Completion of GRAF 1006 or proficiency in basic Photoshop skills are required.

Advanced Photoshop – Level Three (GRAF 1055)

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Focus on creating quality images for high-end business printers and commercial printing. Students will learn color management/color space concepts and will explore various photographic adjustments including color correction, curves and color replacement. Students will discover how to work with the camera raw format and HDR images. Outputting images for print and web will be covered including CYMK separations for prepress and web optimization. Completion of GRAF 1006 & GRAF 1007 is required.

Introduction to Illustrator (GRAF 1004)

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This course offers a comprehensive overview of the features and commands of Adobe Illustrator. Students will gain further knowledge and proficiencies with the tools necessary to work in Adobe Illustrator. Topics covered include discussing various graphic formats, starting Illustrator, reviewing the Adobe Illustrator environment and user interface, creating and editing basic vector graphics, vector paths, using drawing tools to draw and edit geometric objects, manipulating objects, applying color and creating eye-catching type effects.

Fundamentals of InDesign (GRAF 1009)

Get a quick overview of this relatively new page design software. Learn how to use InDesign’s story editor, nested style sheets and information pallet. Improve your layouts with InDesign’s image editing tools that let you customize graphics with features like transparency and mixed ink color controls.

Introduction to Graphic Design Elements, Principles and Composition (GRAF 1073)

Good design starts with an understanding of the basics. In this introductory class, you’ll learn the basic elements of design and explore concepts, principles and guidelines and how they impact layout, type and color. Plus, you’ll put what you’ve learned to practice using the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Graphic Design Certificate

Demonstrate your knowledge of fundamental graphic design by earning a noncredit Graphic Design Certificate. Students must complete four core and three elective classes. Please contact Chris Lester at or (815) 280-1423 for more information and certificate application.

For more information or to register, call (815) 280-1555.

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