Digital Multimeter Certification

Approved for 7 Hours – Renewal Training Credit (RTC)

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This seminar is designed for maintenance personnel who work with electrical test equipment. Fluke’s 80 Series high performance meters will be used throughout the seminar. The Fluke 80 Series meters are one of the most common industrial digital multimeters in the industry, with several million meters in use. In addition to measuring AC and DC voltage and current, resistance and testing diodes, the 80 Series meters include MIN/MAX/AVERAGE recording mode, relative mode, frequency/duty cycle measurement and capacity measurement. All meter functions will be covered.

You will learn

  1. How to safely connect and use electrical test equipment.
  2. The meaning of symbols and abbreviations used on electrical test equipment.
  3. How to use a voltage tester, multimeter, clamp-on ammeter, megohmmeter, tachometer and digital logic probe.
  4. How to test for opens, shorts and grounds.
  5. How to use special meter functions, such as the MIN/MAX, relative and hold mode when troubleshooting.
  6. How to avoid making common measurement errors.
  7. How to read and use bar graph displays on DMMs.
  8. How to use meter attachments.
  9. How to interpret meter specifications.

Who will benefit

  • Electrical maintenance personnel needing to upgrade
  • Mechanical maintenance personnel needing to cross train
  • Electricians
  • Electrical technicians
  • Supervisors and managers responsible for maintenance personnel


  1. Safety
    • Personal safety equipment
    • Common measuring errors
    • Measurement precautions
  2. Meter Symbols and Abbreviations
    • Meter symbols
    • Meter abbreviations and terminology
  3. Meter Displays
    • Analog scale and digital scale
    • Scales and ranges
  4. Special Meter Features
    • Auto ranging and manual ranging
    • Automatic hold
    • MIN/MAX recording mode
    • Relative mode
  5. Measuring AC Voltage
    • Setting and connecting meter
    • Understanding measured results
  6. Measuring DC Voltage
    • Setting and connecting meter
    • Understanding measured results
  7. Continuity Testing
    • Continuity: defined and explained
    • Continuity test
  8. Measuring Resistance
    • Define resistance
    • Setting and connecting meter
    • Understanding measured results
  9. Understanding Meter Specifications
    • Range/resolution/accuracy
    • Average and RMS meters
    • Meter loading effect
  10. Meter Accessories and Attachments
    • Special test leads, probes and clips
    • Current probe
    • Temperature probes
    • Pressure and vacuum probes

In-House Training Available

For additional information about in-house training, please call Amy Murphy at (815) 280-1418 or email