Electrical Diagrams and Circuits

Approved for 7 Hours – Renewal Training Credit (RTC)

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This seminar is for electricians (or maintenance personnel) who work with electrical/electronic drawings and circuits. Circuit requirements, logic and applications are covered. Includes converting standard ladder (line) diagrams into PLC diagrams. Troubleshooting using prints and circuit modifications is also covered.

You will learn

  1. How to read and understand architectural drawings, ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams and other types of electrical diagrams.
  2. How to draw and understand electrical symbols and abbreviations.
  3. How to connect and troubleshoot circuits that include 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, motion sensing and other types of switches.
  4. How to connect and troubleshoot circuits that include lamps and receptacles.
  5. How to connect and troubleshoot the control and power circuit of basic single-phase and three-phase motor circuits.
  6. How to convert standard line diagrams into PLC diagrams.

Who will benefit

  • Electrical maintenance personnel needing to upgrade
  • Mechanical maintenance personnel needing to cross train
  • Electricians
  • Operators wanting to move into maintenance positions
  • Supervisors and managers responsible for maintenance personnel


  1. Drawings and Diagrams
    • Architectural drawings
    • Ladder (line) diagrams
    • Wiring diagrams
    • Schematic diagrams
    • Charts and graphs
    • Flow charts
    • Operational diagrams
  2. Applications of Symbols and Abbreviations
    • Power sources
    • Disconnects and ocpds
    • Mechanical and solid-state contacts
    • Control switches
    • Relays and timers
    • Contactors and motor starters
    • Resistors, capacitors and diodes
    • Thyristors
    • Transistors
    • Digital logic gates
    • Coils, transformers and motors
  3. Residential Circuits
    • Switches (types, circuits and applications)
    • Controlling lamps (circuits and troubleshooting)
    • Receptacles (types, circuits and applications)
  4. Commercial Circuits
    • Power distribution systems (types and wiring)
    • Conductor identification
    • Receptacles (types, circuits and applications)
    • Commercial lighting systems (types and circuits)
  5. Industrial Circuits
    • Rules of line diagrams
    • Motor circuits (control and power circuits)
    • Neater circuits (control and power circuits)
    • Standard industrial circuits and applications
    • Converting line diagrams to PLC diagrams
    • Rotary actuators
    • Directional control valves
    • Pressure control valves
    • Flow control valves
    • Motors and pumps
    • Pressure relief valves
    • Accumulators
    • Air compressors

In-House Training Available

For additional information about in-house training, please call Amy Murphy at (815) 280-1418 or email amurphy@jjc.edu