Programmable Logic Controllers

Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC Series (ELC 2120)

Gain a solid understanding of hardware, software and communication concepts inherent to ControlLogix PLCs and RSLogix5000 ladder logic programming software. This discounted series is designed for technicians, maintenance personnel, and engineers who want to improve maintenance and troubleshooting skills in order to minimize machine downtime.

Introduction to ControlLogix PLCs and RSLogix 5000 Software (ELC 2100)

Get to know ControlLogix PLC hardware and RSLogix 5000 software. Topics include: ControlLogix system components, creating a project, connecting computer to controller, downloading a project, configuring I/O, testing a program, adding logic and tags online, creating and using user defined types and using Studio 5000 Help.

Logix 5000 System and VFD (Variable Speed AC Drives) (ELC 2105)

Connect, configure and program ControlLogix 5000 to control AC motors with PowerFlex 525 drives over an Ethernet/IP network. Topics include: PowerFlex drive hardware, adding a PowerFlex drive to a controller project, downloading project and connecting to drive, editing drive parameters and writing a ControlLogix program to control the Power Flex drive. Introduction to ControlLogix PLCs (ELC 2100) is recommended as a prerequisite.

Logix 5000 System and PanelView HMI (Human Machine Interface) (ELC 2110)

Connect, configure and program ControlLogix 5000 and RS Studio to design an application to control and display PLC program information. Topics include: changing the IP address of panel view, creating a PLC program, creating a panel view application, creating an object, creating an indicator, numeric data display, numeric input enable, saving and downloading a program, creating a message display and changing screens. Introduction to ControlLogix PLCs (ELC 2100) is recommended as a prerequisite.

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In-House Training Available

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