Variable Frequency Drive Set Up and Troubleshooting

Approved for 14 Hours – Renewal Training Credit (RTC)

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This seminar is for electricians or personnel who work with A.C. Variable Frequency Drives. If you are involved with the set up or troubleshooting of A.C. drive systems, this seminar will be of use to you. The two-day seminar consists of a series of hands-on exercises, demonstrations, and lecture designed to help you learn through doing and observing. There is enough theory explained that someone with a very limited electrical background will be able to master the seminar material.

You will learn

  1. How an A.C. pulse width modulated drive works.
  2. What the different drive parameters affect.
  3. How to set the drives’ parameters.
  4. How to troubleshoot the drive and motor system.
  5. The difference between constant torque and variable torque loads.
  6. How to save energy cost using a variable frequency drive to control a variable torque load.
  7. What reflected wave phenomenon is and what can be done about it.

Who will benefit

  • Maintenance personnel, electricians or engineers who desire more understanding of how drives operate and knowledge of set up and troubleshooting
  • Supervisors responsible for drive and motor related issues such as set up or testing


  1. Pulse Width Modulated Drive Theory
    • A.C. rectification
    • D.C. inversion
    • A.C. frequency and its affect on motor speed
    • Relationship between motor slip, frequency, speed, current and load
  2. Control Modes
    • Basic control
    • Analog control
    • Digital control
    • Master-follower control
  3. What the Different Drive Parameters Affect
    • Ramp up
    • Ramp down
    • Smoothing time
    • Frequency set point
    • Local or remote mode
    • Lock outs
    • Maximum and minimum set points
    • Skip frequency
    • Fixed frequencies
    • Relay output
    • Slip compensation
    • Slip limit
    • Pulse frequency
    • Control mode
  4. Braking
    • Ramp down
    • D.C. injection braking
    • Rapid braking
  5. Master-Follower Control of Several Motors
  6. Troubleshooting the Motor & Drive
    • Testing the full wave bridge rectifier
    • Testing the drive output
    • Using a scope meter

In-House Training Available

For additional information about in-house training, please call Amy Murphy at (815) 280-1418 or email