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10-Hour OSHA Voluntary Compliance Course (SAF 841)

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Gain an understanding of the basic OSHA safety standards. This class teaches vital safety and health information to all personnel responsible for a safe working environment on the job site. Topics include personal protective equipment, fire safety, lockout-tagout, bloodborne pathogens, machine guards and emergency action plans. You will also learn about OSHA’s role in industry. After completing the required 10 hours, participants will receive an OSHA certification card.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration believes that employee safety and health training helps to protect workers from injuries and illnesses. OSHA emphasizes its point through standards that require employers to train their employees in safety and health. Certain jobs are limited to employees who are “certified,” “competent” or “qualified.”

Today, both federal and state occupational safety and health regulations are broad and far-reaching. Accordingly, more and more companies are tightening their safety and health policies, demanding that everyone, from top manager to most recently hired trainee, play an important role in maximizing workplace safety and health.

We have developed a OSHA Health & Safety Compliance programs through which your company can meet its compliance burden without the necessity of locating and employing a full-time safety director. You get the expertise you need at a cost you can afford – with no employer taxes, health insurance or vacation days.

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry

A two-day seminar covering 29CFR1910, the OSHA Standard for General Industry. Learn to identify potential job site hazards while increasing your knowledge of OSHA requirements. Topics include Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Protection, HazCom Standard, How to Handle OSHA Compliance Inspections, and others.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training

A two-day seminar covering 29CFR 1926, the OSHA Standard for the construction industry. Learn to identify potential job site hazards while increasing your knowledge of OSHA requirements. Topics include Trenching and Excavation, Cranes, Aerial Lifts, Motor Vehicles, Earth Moving Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Protection, the HazCom Standard, How to Handle an OSHA Compliance Inspection, and others.

Hazardous Materials Training for DOT 49 CFR Transportation Regulations

This four-hour course will assist employers in meeting mandatory training requirements for those employees responsible for the transportation of hazardous materials. Course covers the requirements of HM-215A, HM-22, HM-126, and HM-181, Hazardous Materials classifications and definitions, container selection and labeling, shipping papers, placard selection, vehicle loading and unloading, HazMat employee training requirements and related topics.

Personal Protective Equipment

A half-day course on understanding 29CFR 1919.132-140 Subpart I. This part of the standard was revised in 1994. In the revision, OSHA addressed two of the greatest problems facing the effective use of PPE: Accurate assessment of the hazards in the workplace and employee compliance. Learn about this standard, the documentation required, and how to effectively comply.

Respirator Fitting and Use

A half-day course on understanding 29CFR 1910.134. In January 1998, the respiratory standard was changed. It contains requirements for program administration, worksite specific written procedures, respirator selection, annual employee training, fit testing, medical evaluation, respirator use, cleaning, maintenance and repair. Learn to effectively comply with this standard.

Confined Space and Confined Space Rescue Training

Train your employees for safe entry into permit-required confined spaces emphasizing your company policies, procedures, and current regulations. Includes exercises under actual or simulated conditions. Course meets the requirements of 29CFR 1910.146. These requirements apply to employees in general industry who are exposed to hazards of entry into permit required confined spaces. This course covers hazard identification and control, implementation of a permit program, and rescue and emergency procedures.

Electrical Awareness Level I – NFPA 70E

This four hour workshop provides an understanding of electricity and focuses on increased awareness and prevention of industrial and home accidents. Course is designed for all employees.

Electrical Safety Awareness Level II – NFPA 70E

This eight to twelve-hour workshop in advanced electrical awareness is designed to provide electrical safety certification for your employees who require the skills, knowledge and attitude to work safely in an environment of energized electrical equipment. It fulfills OSHA mandate stated in 29CFR 1910 for electrical safety training for “qualified” personnel who work on energized circuits.

Fork Truck Operator Certification Workshop

The new OSHA ruling on fork truck operator certification is now in effect and must be implemented before new employees take the controls. This half-day course explains the revised 29CFR 1910.178 standard and what employers need to do to comply.

First Aid/CPR

Learn the basic principles of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Includes required content as mandated by OSHA.


HAZWOPER Training was developed to assist private industry train employees in the emergency response to releases of hazardous substances, according to company policy, safe work procedures and applicable compliance regulations.

HAZWOPER Refresher Training

One day (eight hour) workshop designed for employees who are emergency responders who will be participating in defensive actions at the scene of an uncontrolled release of a hazardous material and must meet the HAZWOPER requirements for annual refresher training after having completed their initial Hazmat Technician training requirements.

HAZWOPER General Site Worker Workshop

Five day (40 hour) training program designed for the company whose employees will be working at a RCRA, Superfund, or other facility that has other chemical hazards. Evaluations are completed during lecture completion on subject job site-evaluations based on realistic work activities using props where the contact with chemicals could occur and control activities must be implemented to minimize exposure to workers and the environment.

HAZWOPER On-Scene Commander Incident Command Workshop

The objective of this three-day workshop (24 hours), is to instruct your selected employees in the knowledge, skills and techniques of using the Incident Command System during unusual occurrences that can pose threats to persons and or the environment.

Eight Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor Training

An eight-hour course designed to meet the requirements for supervisors who have taken either the 40-Hour or the 24-Hour HazMat course. Covers the OSHA standard, Site Hazard Recognition, Site Safety, Field Survey Instruments, Selection and Use of PPE, the Incident Command System, and Decontamination Procedures.

Competent Person for Excavation Training

One day (8 hr.) training program designed to train your selected employees using lecture and demonstrations to verify their understanding of the requirements of CFR 1926.650 – .652, as a competent person for excavation.

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