Sustainability Workshops

Sustainability FREE Webinar Series

These workshops are available at no cost. Funding for these programs has been provided by the Illinois Green Economy Network.

WEBINAR: Solar Energy in Agriculture & Business

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Explore the many ways solar energy can work in agriculture and business in this free seminar. Solar PV is technology that makes electricity from sunshine. Sunshine is the most plentiful of all our energy sources and can be used in agriculture in a number of ways, leading to cost savings and a better environmental impact. You’ll learn the:

  • Basics of how solar energy works
  • Uses of solar energy in agriculture and business
  • Cost savings and environmental benefits of solar
  • Ease of installation, sizing, and maintenance
  • Expectation for longevity of the system
  • Ways that solar plus battery storage can add resiliency and cash flow
  • Definition of utility scale solar (coming to a field or farm near you)

Integrating Smart Home Technology with Alternative Energy to Improve Efficiency

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Saving money on energy consumption and lessening your environmental footprint has become more and more obtainable. However, with all the smart technology available, from appliances to lighting to whole-house hubs, deciding which upgrades to make is complicated. In this powerful seminar, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of:

  • What an energy audit is, it’s purpose, and the steps involved in completing one
  • Smart home operation and the typical equipment used in its operation
  • The relationship of a smart home to new energy sources like solar and wind power
  • Energy generation and storage
  • Home Energy Management Systems
  • The key features to consider when selecting a home automation system

For more information on any of these Sustainability Workshops, please contact Chris Lester at or (815) 280-1423.